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    CYBER PSYCHOLOGY: Need of the hour

     CYBER PSYCHOLOGY: Need of the hour

    Superfi cially it has connected us but in real sense it has led to detachment. Relationships have gone for a toss



    We live in a world of liberation, independence &  empowerment! 

    This is but our biggest delusion. We are the worst ever victims of enslavement. We are slaves of something that we never leave alone and that is our mobile phone. 

    Sweet seem its taste but our time does 

    waste. Lovely it looks in our lap but this is the biggest trap. 

    This is what breaks the psychological principle of No two individuals 

    are alike. Fortunately, or unfor-tunately, we all are in this trap; only degree and intensity of our addiction differ. Internet Addic-tion, in particular and mobile 

    phone addiction, is a disorder and we all have this to some extent ;however exceptions are 

    always there. Disorder is any-thing that affects a person’s social ,educational or occupa-

    tional life. Doesn’t our mobile phone fall in that category. Doesn’t it affect our social life. 

    Doesn’t it connect us with a person who is miles apart but disconnect us from person sit-

    ting next to us; Doesn’t it affect our personal and occupational life. Superfi cially it has connect-

    ed us but in real sense it has led to detachment. Relationships have gone for a toss.Internet has revolutionised 

    education, business and medi-cal care. None can deny this 

    fact. Everything is at our fi nger tips. With a single click we can download books, we can book 

    tickets, we can order things, we can assess any information we need; we can get news updates 

    from every corner of globe; but above all it has added to our mental burden. We all are 

    having a minor form of OCD (obsessive compulsive disor-

    der). Our mind always remains obsessed with thoughts that on 

    my fb /whatsApp account some-one may have texted me, some-one may have uploaded some-thing, somebody may have liked 

    or commented on my post; this 

    creates FOMO (fear of missing 

    out) and to reduce these obses-

    sions we are bound towards 

    compulsions (repetitive actions 

    to reduce obsessions). We check 

    our phones frequently, every 

    ten minutes.

    School and college going 

    students are worst hit by this 

    menace. It has put their social, 

    moral and academic career at 

    stake; There are many students 

    who are not able to focus on lec-

    tures just because their mind 

    is preoccupied. some resist the 

    temptation while some start chit 

    chatting during lecture.

    Some young buds have devel-

    oped features of narcissism 

    (unrealistic self love); they keep 

    on capturing selfi es and upload 

    it on social media to get appreci-

    ation for their beauty and looks.

    Many develop depressive 

    features just because people 

    don’t like the pic/post they 

    upload or they don’t get 

    ample likes or their friend 

    list isn’t that much lengthy as their peers. Some have become 

    addicted to watch-ing filthy items 

    on internet as it’s freely accessible and 

    nobody is there to stop them. It has 

    taken a heavy toll on their moral 

    development. It has affected their 

    social life. They prefer isolation. 

    Even if they sit with family, they 

    don’t know what’s going on around them; what 

    they are eating. They don’t interact with family members. 

    Their lifestyle has become sed-entary. Healthy hobbies like 

    book reading, gardening, play-ing games have gone.Not only this, mobile phone 

    has ruined many lives. Many 

    teenager boys and girls fall in this trap. Some unknown person 

    sends them friend request, start chit chatting and then show 

    them castles in air and they are 

    gone. They use 8 letter password 

    I Love you to rob their hearts for ever. They then lament and 

    repent and unfortunately they can’t share this to anyone.

    There are many girls who sent their pics to unknown 

    boys, so called fb friends, and they then misused them. Who 

    is to be held responsible? There 

    are some genuine people. Every-one isn’t going to dupe us but we 

    can’t trust everyone. It’s high time for parents to keep check 

    on their children. What they surf, with whom they chat, how 

    much time they use internet.Widespread use and easy 

    accessibility of internet has led to inter-

    net addiction, online gaming 

    disorder, infomania, increase in cyber crimes, cyber bul-

    lying, cyber pornography & other psychological issues like 

    sleep deprivation, depression, impulsivity, anxiety especially 

    among youngsters thereby it is high time that cyber psychology 

    should be started as a course in colleges and universities & 

    more and more researches be conducted on cyber behaviours 

    so as to help people in curtailing 

    the time spent online and sensi-tize them about netiquettes, and cyber security

    “Life is too precious to be 

    wasted in being hooked to social networks like Facebook, insta-

    gram, snapchat. Let’s use inter-net for infotainment but not let it 

    lead to derailment. Spent leisure 

    time in healthy hobbies like read-

    ing, exercise, art and prayers. 

    Above all don’t forget to spend 

    time with family. Let’s try to cur-

    tail our virtual time from today 

    and feel the difference. ”

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