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    Aspirants accuse SSB of again messing up AIO examination

    Aspirants accuse SSB of again messing up AIO examination. 

    ‘Conducted paper based exam for computer based job`

    Srinagar, Dec 26: The aspirants of recently 

    held Assistant Information Officer (AIO) 

    examination have accused the Service Selec-

    tion Board of again messing up the examina-

    tion with faulty questions, inadequate time 

    and making it paper-based examination for 

    a computer based job.

    The aspirants said that the exam was re-

    conducted on December 20 after a decade and 

    SSB has ‘still not learned from its mistakes.’

    “The post requires 100 percent working 

    on computers and they made it a paper based 

    exam, what if somebody has good writing speed 

    but bad with computers. Will they justify the 

    selection to the government later,” an aspirant 

    asked. The aspirant said previously the exam 

    for junior rank Information Assistant was held 

    on computers and a few years later SSB has 

    gone down the hill for a higher rank post.

    “AIO is a high-pressure job, requiring 

    speed and making press notes of dignitaries 

    like Governor usually on computers and 

    even on a mobile. Apart from taking notes, 

    handwriting is not needed anywhere,” 

    another aspirant said. “Unlike other offi-

    cials, they don’t have any other noticeable 

    work outside of computers.”

    The exam has a long history of litigation 

    as the previous selection list was cancelled 

    and the Supreme Court ordered re-examina-

    tion after making a fool proof criteria.

    Another aspirant raised questions on 

    the descriptive questions. “There were six 

    descriptive questions but there was no men-

    tion of mark weightage or word limit for 

    answers. Had they given equal weightage for 

    all different questions, nobody knows,” the 

    aspirant said. The aspirants said the journal-

    ism revolves around word limit, and here, 

    apart from one question there was no men-

    tion of word limit written for any question.

    “Will they give equal marks to 300 words 

    and 500 words? Will examiners deduct 

    marks for corrections or bad hand writing 

    too, because in journalism your handwrit-

    ing doesn’t matter,” he further added.

    According to aggrieved aspirants, major-

    ity of them could not complete their paper 

    because there were only two hours for the 

    entire examination. “Time was enough if 

    examination would have been computer 

    based but not for paper based one,” the 

    aspirant said.

    The SSB had invited representations 

    regarding MCQ’s but there was no men-

    tion of descriptive questions. The aspirants 

    demanded that SSB also publish the key of 

    the descriptive questions.

    “Out of six questions, four questions were 

    such that SSB must have a definite answer 

    (key) for them. Let them publish the answers 

    like they did with the key for MCQs so that 

    every student comes to know who did what,” 

    the aspirant said. 

    Regarding MCQ’s aspirants also raised red 

    flag on certain questions in English and general 

    knowledge. “Of course as expected not a single 

    question was on journalism,” he quipped.

    The marks criteria has already come 

    under fire as aspirants are asking how come 

    the written exam has just 20 points despite 

    having 100 marks. “Previously written and 

    interviews were clubbed together and not 

    this time,” the aspirant said.

    Chairman SSB Khalid Jehangir when 

    contacted downplayed the queries and said 

    the civil service exams are also conducted 

    paper based without any hue and cry from 

    the aspirants.

    About the weightage of marks in question 

    Jahangir said specified space was given for 

    every question and aspirants were supposed to 

    answer the questions within that given space.

    “We will not publish any key results of 

    written exams till we conduct the interview 

    of the shortlisted candidates. We will not 

    announce the score of candidates in writ-

    ten exams prior to interviews. The result 

    of interviews and written exams will be 

    announced simultaneously,” he said.

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