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    BJP now eyeing Assembly polls: Shahnawaz Hussain

     After what he said was an impressive performance in District Development Council polls, Bhartiya Janata Party national spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said the party was now eying Assembly polls in Jammu and Kashmir.

    “BJP is emerging as an alternative against the political dynasties in Jammu and Kashmir,” Shahnawaz told a selected group of reporters here. Though he did not say when assembly polls will be held, he said that now BJP was eyeing assembly seats in Kashmir. “We have already started the preparation. We are targeting at least a minimum of 20 seats in Kashmir,” he said.Shahnawaz said that the impressive voter turnout in DDC polls has proved that people believe in strengthen the grassroots democracy in Kashmir and are craving for development in their respective constituencies. “Despite all odds, BJP has emerged as the single largest party, it is evidence of people’s trust in Narendra Modi’s leadership,” he said. “BJP has been saying it right from day one that peoples participation in elections is paramount importance to our party, irrespective of who wins or loses.”

    “As we have emerged as the single largest party, Gupkar Alliance who was misleading people to vote for them on the name of restoration of Article 370 has got baffled,” he said.

    The senior BJP leader, who remained camped in Kashmir for over a month in connection with DDC polls, said that people have not voted for the restoration of Article 370 but for development. “During election campaign of BJP, I did not come across a single person who was demanding Article 370,” he said adding that everybody was seeking development in their respective areas

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