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    Electronic Ease 

    It will save time, energy, resources, and 
    will make the entire process very transparent, 
    and human friendly.
    Electronic Ease

    Even the worst things and the toughest times yield some good in the end. 

    This is a general experience of mankind that every adversity brings some ease in its aftermath. 

    The case in point here is the pandemic and how it changed our ways of thinking and doing. It is true that it devastated the world economy in a singular way and snatched many lives around the globe. But one day we will find a vaccine to this virus, and as the news is circulated globally, may be very soon. 

    If all goes well we will overcome the challenge posed by this tiny creaturecalled covid virus. But after emerging safe and secure, we will watch things changing permanently in many ways. And this will be in a positive way. One such thing is the use of digital medium for the works that we normally would do physically. Though we were otherwise also in a digital age, and the use of internet was rampant in our daily live, but the way we explored the potential of internet during these days is  something amazing. 

    The way education was continued through e-plateforms, the way business was conducted on online portals, the way conferences and meetings were conducted online, the way matters related to governance were addressed online, and the way social and family interactions happened online during the pandemic, we are surely going to witness a change in our ways of interaction in the post covid times. The point to be underlined here is about the matters related to governance. 

    This is the time to realise the potential of online services in our offices. If the government acts seriously and efficiently in this matter, people will be relieved of agony that they otherwise face in government offices. It will save time, energy, resources and will make the entire process very transparent, and human friendly. 

    The administration in J&K should follow this online servicing very seriously. In fact it would solve not only the problems of governance, but will have a salubrious effect on the familial and societal relations as well.

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    The deepest personal defeat suffered
    by human beings is constituted by the difference between what one was capable of becoming  and what one  has in fact become. 

    – Ashley Montagu

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