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    SMS about Govt.’s free laptop scheme is fake”

     A “wrong click” on internet can make your bank accounts empty: SP Cyber Police

    SMS about Govt.’s free laptop scheme is fake”

    SRINAGAR Dec 21: Superintendent of Police and head of Cyber Police Station Kashmir Zone, Tahir Ashraf Bhatti on Monday said that a wrong click on the internet by users can cost people of their hard earned money.

    Talking to Kashmir Despatch, Mr Bhatti said that the Cyber Police is trying to make people esepcially the internet users in Kashmir aware about the online frauds that can cost them darely.

    Asked about the “government giving free laptop message” that has been making rounds across Kashmir, the head of cyber cell of Kashmir said, “There is no such scheme as there is an attempt by the hackers to divert you on a specific page then the page that belongs to hackers as after that they will seek vital information from the users and this is how they eventually take you to different scams”.

    “Also we are trying to make the masses informed through different social media platforms and I just request all of them to get updates from the department’s official Twitter handle and gather the information and avoid scams”, he added. 

    “We have to deal with new scams every now and then as fraudsters are using different tactics to bring online users to different links and gather vital information about the users. However, we are there for the general public to make them aware about how to escape from these scamsters round the clock”, he added.

    Mr. Bhatti said that sometimes an internet user is entangled by the hackers in such a manner that a wrong click by them can make their bank accounts empty.

    He said that the internet banking users should never reveal their bank account informations with anyone except for in genuine cases.

    “Sometimes, the internet bank users share their account information unnecessarily. That should be avoided,” he added.

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