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     The lust for supremacy

    History has witnessed that superior nations have always dominated the lesser nations.

    The lust for supremacy


    There is hikmah (wisdom) 

    behind every creation of 


    Everything in 

    this universe has been 

    assigned a specific task. 

    Imagine dust particles, they are 

    so tiny, it seems that they have no 

    worth, but Almighty has created 

    even these minute particles with 

    a purpose. They play an impor-

    tant part in water cycle; without 

    them rain is not possible. 


    estingly there is a kind hierar-

    chy in the Almighty’s creation. 

    Humans are the noblest. Since 

    humans are blessed with the 

    highest level of intelligence and 

    endowed with many qualities.

    In early times man’s needs 

    were limited to food, water and 

    shelter. Gradually human soci-

    eties evolved into an organized 

    collectivity. With the power of 

    intelligence man was able to 

    create an amazing 

    world around him. 

    The outcome was not 

    only modern world of 

    technology, but also 

    destruction of human-

    ity. This advanced 

    world of ours is 

    divided into nations 

    and states, but the 

    powerful don’t limit 

    themselves limiting to the devel-

    opment of their nations. But they 

    wanted something beyond this; 

    that is hegemony. 

    History has witnessed that 

    superior nations have always 

    dominated the lesser nations. 

    When European colonialism 

    began, along with this a lucra-

    tive business emerged called 

    as slave trade. 

    The Portuguese, 

    Dutch, Spaniards and British 

    captured African natives, and 

    forcibly transported them to the 

    newly discovered America as 

    labourers in their plantations. 

    Slave trade finally got abolished 

    after 200 years but still there is 

    discrimination on the basis of 

    color prevalent in the western 

    world, particularly in the US. 

    There is a continuous tussle 

    among the powerful nations to 

    gain hegemony or to create a uni-

    polar world. The lust to achieve 

    political, economic and socio 

    cultural dominance has really 

    made them wild. The things have 

    come to such a pass that “once 

    weapons were manufactured to 

    fight wars. Now wars are manu-

    factured to sell weapons.”

    The year 2020 is the pandemic 

    year and throughout the whole 

    world a large number of people 

    died because of this. But human 

    deaths occurring on a large scale 

    is not a new thing happening. 

    This year an invisible entity is 

    responsible, what about those 

    humans deaths that are happen-

    ing due to humans every year, 

    every month, every day and 

    every minute in specific parts 

    of the world. Those deaths and 

    extreme human sufferings are 

    occurring on the basis of racism, 

    casteism, religion and socio 

    political superiority. What about 

    those blooming buds 

    who are snatched 

    from the lap of their 

    mothers. Their bodies 

    are numb, dreams 

    are shattered, their 

    homes and schools are 

    no more just debris all 

    around, their play-

    grounds have turned 

    into graveyards, their 

    lives are confined to a tent that 

    can shield them from rain and 

    dust but cannot shield them from 

    miseries. It seems that their lives 

    have lost worth and they have 

    done an unforgivable sin of being 

    humans.Why is it so; because 

    there are nations on a mission 

    that is war on peace rather than 

    war for peace.

    Unfortunately the super 

    powers can establish kingdoms 

    on the basis of bloodbath of inno-

    cent people, but they forget that 

    there is someone who can crush 

    their kingdoms in one stroke - 

    ‘the lord of the great throne’.

    Nargis Bashir is PG Student 

    at Kashmir University.

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