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    Covid Vaccine Reportedly round the Corner but, the Blue Print For Distribution Is Not Visible: Soz


    Srinagar January 06: "There is quite a big wave of advertisement in respect of availability of Covid-19 Vaccine. But, no Blue print for distribution is being advertised,

    Certain Health Care managers have made remarks that Vaccine would be available and there should be no worry.

    But, the worry will lurk with the people unless the JK UT Administration declares a clear policy and mechanism for distribution of the vaccine, he said in a statement to "Kashmir News Service",.

    Meanwhile some alert public Representatives feel eager to advise the JK UT Administration that the distribution of vaccine should take place from house to house in Mohalla-wise as happened always in the past. That is easy and workable.

    Under no circumstances, should the people be asked to reach hospitals and medical centres as that will create over crowding and mismanagement.

    Meanwhile, the JK UT Administration should rise to the occasion and announce workable programme of distribution of the Covid Vaccine.(KNS)

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