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    Demand for electric blankets rises as temperature dips in Kashmir Valley


    Srinagar: As the minimum temperature in Kashmir valley continues to remain below zero degrees, many people are opting for electric blankets to keep themselves warm.

    Speaking to ANI, Bashir Ahmad, a shopkeeper said, “There is a high demand for these blankets. I sell 20-30 such pieces daily in the season.”

    “These blankets are absolutely safe. The coil of the heating element is water proof. Hence, there is no danger of being electrocuted,” Ahmad added.

    Tanveer Ahmad, a customer told ANI, “Since these blankets are water-proof, it is easier to clean them. I am very happy that such a product is there in the market.”

    Firdous Ahmad, a dealer of the blankets said: “I have been selling such blankets for the last 35 years now. It is a very profitable business. Many electric blankets are sold every year.”

    Reyaz Ahmad, who makes such blankets, said, “These electric blankets are very useful. First, we see the size of the cloth and check whether it can cover the heating element. After working carefully, we place the heating element inside the blanket and place a switch to control it outside the blanket. It is completely safe.”

    “Electric blankets are just like normal blankets with an insulated heating element that is fitted inside to generate heat internally and uses adjustable thermostats to control the temperature of the blanket,” he added.

    As per the weather report today by the Regional Meteorological Centre of Srinagar, the maximum temperature touched 6 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature dipped to minus two degrees Celsius in Srinagar. (ANI)

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