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    HC grants bail to Pakistani woman convicted by trial court


    SRINAGAR: The J&K High Court has granted bail to a Pakistani woman who was convicted of an offence under Section 14-A of Foreigners (Amendment) Act, 2004, by the trial court in 2019.

    The High Court recorded that the applicant, Faiza Begum, had been sentenced to imprisonment of three years and a fine of Rs 10,000.

    Justice Sanjay Dhar said that the applicant had been convicted on 18 March 2019 by the trial court and since then she is in jail.

    “Thus, out of three years of imprisonment awarded to the petitioner, she has already served more than two years and three months in jail,” Justice Dhar said.

    He also recorded that a perusal of the record of the case reveals that though the petitioner is a foreign national, yet she has married a native of Jammu and Kashmir and out of the said wedlock she has children as well.

    “So far as the apprehension of the respondent that the applicant if enlarged on bail, she may jump over the bail, is concerned, the same can be taken care of by asking her to report to the concerned Police Station once in a month,” the court directed.

    “In view of the above, the application is allowed. The applicant is enlarged on bail subject to furnishing of two local sureties to the tune of Rs.1 lac each and personal bond of like amount subject to satisfaction of the Registrar Judicial of this Court,” the court directed.

    The Court also directed that the applicant shall also file an undertaking before the Registrar Judicial to the effect that she shall appear before this court on each and every date and that she shall report to the concerned Police once in a month.

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