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    LG declares heavy snowfall as natural calamity under SDRF


    4x4 rescue vehicles, ambulances to be provided to Districts with immediate effect

    Srinagar: Manoj Sinha, Lieutenant Governor of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has declared heavy snowfall as State Specific Natural Calamity under (SDRF) State Disaster Fund. 

    He said that 4x4 rescue vehicles, ambulances will be provided to Districts with immediate effect. 

    LG also directs for rationalizing deployment of machinery and equipment for snow clearance from roads and make necessary emergency facilities available to render critical help in contingent situations.

    LG also lauds the efforts of employees working on ground 24x7 in challenging climatic conditions. 

    He directs Administration to identify gaps and make concerted efforts to fill the same to redress the concerning issues of the people.

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