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    PAGD breaks silence on 'Road Map, Proxy candidate' allegations


    Says,  all constituent parties are united and would continue to remian so.

    Srinagar, Jan 13 : Breaking silence over the dissent voices on road map , PAGD on Wednesday has  finally come up with a clarification saying, restoration of Pre Aug 05,2019 status of Jammu and Kashmir was the goal it was fighting for.

    National Confernce parliamentarian and former High Court Judge Hasnain  Masoodi also brushed aside the allegations of fielding proxy candidates and said those were isolated cases and should not be seen as deliberate attempt by any party. The National Confernce leader said the nature of current political struggle was such, that no party can have a pre-conceived road map but added that PAGD was clear about its goal which is to fight for the 4th August 2019 position of the state . 

    Masoodi also rubbished the allegations of fielding proxy candidates against the constituent party candidates of PAGD and said a few isolated cases can not be construed as a policy matter for the entire amulgam.  He insisted that the PAGD has 80 percent success rate in the recently concluded DDC polls which itself is an indication that all the constituent parties of the amulgam  were united and on the same page. 

    He insisted that the amulgam would fight for the restoration of Pre Aug 05, 2019 situation and for that the political fight shall also be strengthened besides the judicial fight. He added, that efforts were being made to weaken them and other " Saplings" were planted which didn't bear any fruits . He said the multiple experiments by the Centers post Aug 05, 2019 failed miserably and added that " Roller Cost" policy did not succeed in J&K resulting in confusion and chaos . He however, insisted that PAGD would carry forward its fight and will not rest until the goal is achieved. (KNS)

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