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    SC slams Centre over farm protests, to form panel to examine laws

    New Delhi, Jan 11: The Supreme Court on Monday expressed its extreme disappointment with the way Centre has handled farmers agitation over the new farm laws.

    Proposing a solution, the apex court said that it will constitute a committee of experts, including from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), to examine the new Agri laws.

    "All can give a response to the committee, both for and against. We will accept the committee report and deal with the farm laws,” the CJI said.

    "What is going on? States are rebelling against your laws," the SC said criticising the Union government over its handling of farmers protests.

    "The matter is getting worse, suicides are taking place. Are you taking care of their food health and other issues," the CJI-led benched asked.

    After criticising the government, the SC asked, "Why are the protesting farmers keeping old persons at protest site?"

    “After the implementation of farm laws is stayed, will the protesters continue their agitation on the road or to a designated site, we want to ask,” the CJI said.

    "Whether you have faith or not, we are the Supreme Court of India, we will do our job," the apex court told farmer unions protesting against farm laws.

    The SC said the peaceful protests can go awry because of any stray incident. “All of us have a heavy responsibility to ensure things don’t go wrong. We don’t want the blood of any one in our hands,” the CJI-led bench said.

    When the Centre opposed SC’s intention to stay implementation of farm laws, the CJI said, “you (centre) have not been able to solve the problem. Centre must take responsibility. As its laws led to strike, it must solve it. Now farmers will tell the Committee their views.” (TOI)

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