• Breaking News


    1. *District Srinagar* - Water Supply to the city of Srinagar normal. There is no disruption in Srinagar district.

    2. *District Anantnag*

    Water Supply generally normal. 

    15 gravity schemes disrupted in Anantnag district. Shall be restored today. All but, 10 lift schemes running normal by mechanical wing, either through restoration of power or through operation of Gensets. These schemes shall also be made functional today. 

    3. *Disrict Kulgam*  Water supply normal. Minor blockages in 16 schemes from Aharbal to Kund which shall be restored today only. However water supply  through present storages have been managed well.

    4. *District Pulwama* Most of the lift schemes disrupted due to power breakdown. 

    5 gravity schemes blocked due to snow which are being restored. 

    5. *District Shopian* Water supply in the district is normal across the district barring 16 schemes which have been disrupted in the upper reaches due to heavy snowfall. 

    The restoration work shall start by dispatching the teams to the upper reaches. Water supply to 20% of the Shopian town disrupted due to damage of a pipeline. The restoration work is on and shall be restored today. However water supply to 80% of the town is normal.


    The heavy snowfall has restricted the movement of Vehicle Mounted Gensets. The situation will improve as and when the movement gets free and power supply restores. 

    Power supply is being restored by electric dept where most of the lift schemes are functional. 

    6. *District Ganderbal* - Water supply across the district is normal as of now. However, 7 schemes affected in the upper reaches due to snowfall and frost which shall be restored today. 6 schemes have been already restored and the remaining 1 shall be restored today. 

    7. *District Kupwara* -Water Supply more or less is normal. 6 schemes have got disrupted due to frost in the upper reaches. Efforts are on to restore the schemes today only. 

    8. *District Budgam* -All water supply Schemes funtional. Minor blockages in 7 gravity schemes which shall be restored today. 6 lift stations without electricity for which DG sets and vehicle mounted Gensets after being used. 

    9. *District Baramulla* 

    Water Supply is generally alright. Minor blockages in 9 schemes in Uri belt and Rafiabad belt which shall be restored today. 5 schemes have already been restored. In addition, there is no power supply available in 4 schemes in Sopore belt for which Vehicle mounted Gensets are being used.

    10. *District Bandipora* 

    Water supply more or less is funtional. 2 gravity schemes disrupted in the upper reaches which shall be restored today. In addition 2 lift schemes without water supply for which Gensets are put in operation.

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