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    WhatsApp users beware: Cybercriminals on prowl in Anantnag


    Sameer Ahmad

    ANANTNAG: Several people in Anantnag district of South Kashmir have been left shocked after the video calls from an unknown caller on WhatsApp flashed on their phone.

    A group of people have alleged that an unknown caller had called them on WhatsApp through video calls, and is showing them ‘obscene content’ on the call, leaving them in the shock.

    Talking to the Arising state, a man (name with held) said that “I received a video call two days back on whatsapp from an unknown number, following which i was shocked. The caller showed me the obscene content on the video call.”

    He said that “I am not the only person here in Anantnag district, who received this fake call, as several others received such calls from an unknown person with an unknown number, who harass the people while ending the call.”

    According to the victims, the unknown caller is calling on WhatsApp through video call, and is accordingly starting to show them the obscene contents.

    They said that caller is hiding the face when they receive the video call, and is showing nudity, which is a matter of grave concern.

    “When we drop the call, the caller is blackmailing us, and is asking us to send money, with the threat that he will upload the pics and videos on social media,” victims said.

    However, the victims have requested general people not to receive these unknown number video calls on whatsapp, to avoid the problems.

    Meanwhile, talking to the Arising state, an official of Cyber crime has said that people are requested not to receive unknown number video calls on whatsapp, as these are mischievous elements and are harassing the people.

    He said that people should know about these unknown calls, and should try to avoid these calls on WhatsApp.

    The official further added that “if people will receive these calls, they should go to police station and file complaint against the unknown number, or shoud block the numbers.”(Arising State)

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