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    Medical Officer allegedly attacked, beaten ruthlessly by companions of DDC member in Sumbal village

    DDC member refutes allegations, accuses medical officer of attendance forgery

    Babar Rather

    Sumbal, Feb 15: A medical officer was allegedly attacked and beaten ruthlessly on Monday by the companions of DDC member from Nowgam area of Sumbal in North Kashmir's Bandipora district. 

    As per News Agency Kashmir Dot Com (KDC), Medical Officer of NTPHC Nowgam, Dr. Ghulam Mohiuddin Kaloo was allegedly attacked by the mob who were accompaning  the DDC member after She went to hospital to enquire about the functioning of the hospital. 

    Dr Ghulam Mohiuddin while talking KDC said that some female DDC member paid a visit to hospital while he was in washroom adding that the companions of DDC member were reportedly checking attendance of the medical staff.

    He said after he came out of washroom, the companions of the DDC member attacked and beaten him ruthlessly without any provocation or war of words. 

    "I told them if there is any discrepancy I will solve that but without listening to me they assulted me. I have suffered trauma abdomen, I'm not able to walk, " he added. 

    He said he has loged a complaint with police seeking registration of FIR against the mob, adding that that stern action against should be taken the culprits and demanded their arrest as soon as possible. 

    The inquestion DDC member, Farwah Ibrahim while outrightly refuting the allegations leveled by medical officer told KDC that she visited the hospital to enquire about the functioning of hospital as she was recieving continueous complainants about the absence of some staff in the hospital. 

    "we checked the attendance of staff members and found that only nine doctors were present againat seventeenth members who were shown present in the attendance, " she said. 

    "As I asked the concerned Medical Officer about the forgery of attendance, he instead of explanation put his hands on the collar of my brother and misbehaved with me also," she said adding that all the allegations leveled by the said doctor are baseless and far from reality. 

    Farwah added that she has approached the concerned Police Station seeking necessary action against the said doctor. (KDC)

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