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    Romantic activism proves costly for doctor, thrashed by wife in full public glare


    Srinagar, Feb 13: The romantic activism of a doctor invited him trouble when he was caught by his wife sharing intimate moments with her clinic receptionist here in uptown Srinagar.


    The doctor (name withheld) known for his flattery at the Directorate of Health Services Kashmir was embarrassed after beaten by his spouse and her brothers in front of people, eyewitnesses told KNT.


    They said the Doctor was thrashed by his wife while he was sharing intimate moments with a lady receptionist at his medico wife's clinic. 


    “The aggrieved gynecologist was joined by her family to give a beating treatment to the lecherous doctor,” the witnesses said.


    Sources said that the wife of the doctor is contemplating to file a case with departmental committee and submit the photographs clicked during the unpleasant encounter. (KNT)

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