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    After R&B’s Assurance, Sempora Zaffron Colony Residents Hopeful About End To Road Woes ‘Very Soon


    Srinagar, March 23: After enduring hardships due to dilapidated road conditions for a long time, people of Sempora Zaffron Colony in Srinagar are hopeful about “respite very soon” after assurance by the R&B department. 

    The assurance by the Executive Engineer R&B Division 1st Srinagar follows a complaint submitted by the locals to LG's grievance cell recently. 

    The residents of Sempora Zaffron in their compliant had stated that the due to dilapidated road condition they face lot of hardships.   

    In reply to the LG's query, Exen R&B Div 1st Srinagar stated that the road was taken under CRF and is now sanctioned under languishing projects. 

    "The portion of the road under question was low laying and a lot of water was accumulating in this area during rainy seasons. Hence the carriage way of this portion of the road was raised by GSB filling followed by a grade of WBM," reads the reply. 

    The work on the road, the Exen said, was stopped in winter due to snowfall, and “now the department has again started the work on the road.” 

    He also stated that there was delay in resuming the work after snowfall due to non-availability of material.

    “Since the road has been sanctioned under languishing, it will be completely upgraded including black topping all along," the response adds.

    People of the area said that the road has been extensively damaged due to “failure of the authorities” to repair it on time.

    “We have been urging the authorities to undertake repairs of the road for a long time but to no avail. Now that the senior officer of the concerned department has assured to repair the road, we are hopeful that the work will be started soon and hardships on account of it will end,” the locals told GNS.  (GNS)

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