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    Covid SOPs dodged even after 18 officials test positive at Commercial Taxes office


    Babar Rather

    Srinagar, Mar 23: In a shocking incident that has come to fore not a single preventive measure has been taken by the authorities at Commercial taxes office located in Rambagh area of Kashmir capital Srinagar, even after 18 of its employees have returned positive for Covid-19 in the month of march so far.

    Sources told News agency Kashmir Dot Com (KDC) that at least eighteen employees including top ten officers and eight lower wing officials have turned positive for the virus in march so far with the administration endangering lives as the office continues to remain open for the general public without any sanitization or preventive measures being taken.

    Sources said that a day after a review meeting which was held in the said office through video conferencing with the Commissioner, two officers tested positive for the pathogen.

    “As per the protocol laid down by the government and as a preventive measure the said building was supposed to be sanitized and the attendees of the meeting should have undergone tests but no measures were taken thus endangering lives of others", sources said.

    Sources further said, ten officials returned positive for the virus three days after another review meeting was held through VC with the Financial Commissioner Finance.

    The aforesaid office is turning out to be a silent hotspot for Covid-19, with employees fearing mass spread and the office is still functioning normally.

    As per sources hundreds of people are visiting the said office for tax related queries and it is feared that the office might become a hotbed for Covid-19. (KDC)

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