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    22-year-old J&K author Soliha Shabir adds her name in India's World Records


    Srinagar, April 7: Soliha Shabir from Dalgate in Srinagar added her name in "India's World Records" as the youngest and first author in Jammu and Kashmir "who has recreated the life of Habba Khatoons poetry."

    "Zoon is the first book that has recreated the theme of Habba Khatoon's poetry and essence," said Shabir.

    22-year-old Shabir has so far written three books, 'In the lawn of dark', 'Obsolete- The poem Market', 'Zoon — The heart of Habba Khatoon'. Besides pursuing her Masters in English Literature, she continues her writing.

    She said that she started writing from age of 15 and in her ninth class, she successfully wrote her first poem with the help of her teacher.

    She then went on writing, and her first book 'In the lawn of dark' is a compilation of 200 self-motivational quotes accumulated over years.

    Shabir said, "From 8th class, I somehow became  social. I hated making friends. Sabiya Gulzar teacher encouraged me to write after she noticed a calibre for it, then I started writing. Fortunately or unfortunately, I got 91 per cent in 10th standard. There are some societal norms that those who are good at studies should take up medical stream. parents me to opt for medical studies and I chose it. Then I got selected in medical.. but I had no interest.

    Her second book 'Obsolete- The poem Market' is a collection of poems. Initially, Shabir received no support from her family but convinced of her passion and hard work, they supported her and gave her confidence to go ahead.

    In her school days, she played the role of Habba Khatoon a Kashmiri poetess of the 16th century, in a play. Inspired by her life she wrote poems which got compiled as her third book 'Zoon -- The heart of Habba Khatoon' which got recognized by India's World Records.

    "Habba Khatoon was one of the persons to whom I was connected from my childhood," she said.

    "Inda world records is like Guniess book of world records. I registered for it and they verified if I have given the correct information. I was approved as the first girl from Jammu and Kashmir who has recreated the life of Habba Khatoons poetry."

    Farhana Shabir, sister of Soliha said, "I am very proud that at this age she was  to publish books. I urge everyone to follow their passions and make use of their talents. I feel that there are many girls who have different sort of talents, They should come to the fore." (ANI)

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