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    Leopard cub caught by locals in Kehribal Anantnag


    Sheikh Nadeem

    Anantnag, Apr 25: A leopard cub was caught by local residents in Kehribal village of south Kashmir’s Anantnag district on Saturday.

    “We went outside at night hours and found the leopard cub. we immediately tried to catch it and also informed other locals about it, who came and helped to catch it,” a local resident, said.

    Meanwhile talking with Wildlife Control room incharge Achabal Shah Gulzar he said on getting information on 24/04/21 at around 9:00 P.M about an incident at kehribal Anantnag where some locals captured a small leapord cub . The team of wildlife control room Achabal immediately rushed towards the spot rescued the leapord cub and took in custody. The incharge control room Achabal said us that they are in the process of reuniting the cub with his mother.

    Shah Gulzar also said that the frequent rains / snowfall this season has impacted the wild life and could lead to increase in man-animal conflict cases in Kashmir.The snowfall in the forests has led to food scarcity, forcing animals to go residential areas.

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