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    Kashmir fight wordpress.com case: IGP Kashmir issues public notice

    Srinagar, July 23 (GNS): Police on Friday issues public notice regarding Kashmir fight wordpress.com related matter.

    “Police has has received inputs from several quarters that a number of rumours and apprehensions are floating around centring the arrest and investigation of several accused persons in connection with enquiry into the Kashmir fight wordpress.com related matters,” IGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar said in the notice.

    “Examination of individuals, records, documents and verification of facts and circumstances emerging from such examination suggests that a sizeable number of persons have variously transacted with one or more of the arrested accused persons,” the notice  reads, adding, “It is understandable that some of these interactions are on account of genuine professional or allied requirements. To segregate the genuine from the fraudulent, cooperation from the members of the general public is solicited.” As such, the notice says, the individuals could volunteer and provide their account of the interaction and transactions they have had with the accused persons. 

    “This way both sides, the investigating authority and the persons requiring to be further investigated would come to be decided speedily, efficiently and with minimum hassles,” it said, adding, “ Besides seeking appointment with the chief investigating officer Miss Tanushree IPS, SP East, concerned members of the public are also invited to email their information and request letters to aspeast-sgr@jkpolice.gov.in” (GNS)

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