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    Unscheduled Power Cuts, Inflated bills Amid Chilling Cold Irks Anantnag Residents


    Mir Waqas

    Anantnag, November 27: The residents of Shangus area of South Kashmir's Anantnag district on Saturday staged a protest against the unscheduled power cuts and inflated bills.

    The locals of Shangus area and its adjacents took to the streets and staged a protest against the Power Development Department (PDD).

    Protesters told Kashmir News-KN that we are witnessing frequent power cuts especially during evening hours which were putting people to lot of inconvenience.

    "When department installed the meters in our areas, they promised a 24 hours uninterrupted power supply, but that promise was not fulfilled", they added.

    The protesters disrupted traffic, raised slogans against Power Development Department alleging that despite not getting electricity, they receive inflated bills.

    One of the protester Shahid-Ul-Hak told Kashmir News-KN that despite having meters, we hardly get power supply during the evening hours when it is needed the most, adding that no attention is being provided towards the issue.

    The residents have demanded the LG administration and senior officials of the concerned PDD department to take these meters back and improve the power supply in wake off approaching winter.(KN)

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