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    Several killed in Nagaland in case of ‘mistaken identity’

     Several killed in Nagaland in case of ‘mistaken identity’

    New Delhi, Dec 5: In an unfortunate incident of "mistaken identity" around a dozen people and a security personnel were killed in Mon District of Nagaland.

    Initial report states that the security forces acting on a tip off, had planned an ambush on the Tiru-Oting road but mistook the villagers to be insurgents.

    As villagers were killed in the firing in a case of mistaken identity, the locals surrounded the security forces who again fired in self-defence.

    Security forces in a press statement said that based on credible intelligence of likely movement of insurgents, a specific operation was planned to be conducted in the area of Tiru, Mon District.

    The force said, "The incident and its aftermath is deeply regretted. The cause of the unfortunate loss of lives is being investigated at the highest level and appropriate action will be taken as per the course of law."

    "The security forces have suffered severe injuries in the incident, including one soldier who succumbed to the injuries."–(IANS)

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