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    Today I am going to highlight some points regarding sericalture aseasonl casual Labour ers Dailywagers

     Assalam alaikum to everyone
    Today I am going to highlight some points regarding sericalture  aseasonl casual Labour ers  Dailywagers.

    From the past 30-35 years we are working in sericalture,, we are the base of sericalture ,,,If sericalture is based somewhere it is only because of us whether we talk about field , nursery , plantation , digging , or cocones all is done by us.
    Now the point is as per labour law government has announced the sum of ( RS. 225  ) per day for all the departments and the sum total of this  amount for a month is (Rs. 6750). Till this point we are really thankful to government.
    But unfortunately we don't understand this thing  that all departments except sericulture are getting the full wages as per announcement ,,, and we the labours of sericalture who are working throughout the year are getting the salery of 2-3 months only hardly for 4 months!!!!.

    We are astroneshed weather this is the fault at sectrate level or the fault at department level what we this poor  casual dailywagers are going to do when we move and put these things at sectrate level they always say us and convenience us that we have already passed these bills , wages.
    But at department level they are always with empty hands and always saying one repeated thing that we have nothing....we have not got anything..

    We lastly are having hope on the department of sericulture from ground level to higher level that they will fulfill our geniune greviences.

    At last we are requesting the Honerable principal commissonar sectraty Agriculture  production nd General Director sericalture to put these things in front and have a kind look on this issue as we don't have any other source of income ,, we are having only this ray of hope for our life now we are not able to do anything else also ,, being the builders of nation we hope that you will put and you will definitely give your kind attention towards our geniune request..
    (A) Release our earned Pending wages without any deduction.
      If our wages are nit be released with a few days then our hole plate form goes to hinger strick at Directorate of sericalture tulsy baugh sgr.
    With Regards
    State president sericulture.
    Vice presidents all departments JKCLUF
    #Sheikh Mohi ud Din.

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