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    1. *On 31-12-2021 Friday* , there shall be no traffic  movement on Srinagar-Sonamarg-Gumri road from either side in view of maintenance/repairing on *Zoji La axis* .
    2. *Restriction on Dhar Road  for HMVs  with more than 10 tyres*
    HMVs with only 06 and 10 tyres shall be allowed to ply through Dhar road.

    *TRAFFIC PLAN & ADVISORY FOR 29-12-2021*

     Tomorrow subject to fair weather and better road condition *LMVs(Passenger)* shall be allowed *from both sides on Jammu-Srinagar NHW* viz *Jammu towards Srinagar and vice-versa* . *TCU Jammu/Srinagar shall liaise with TCU Ramban* before releasing the traffic.

     *LMVs from Nagrota (Jammu) 0500 hrs  to 1200 hrs,*
     *from Jakheni (Udhampur) 0600 hrs to 1300 hrs* &
     *from Zig (Qazigund) 0600 hrs to 1300 hrs*
      *No Vehicle shall be allowed before and after cut off timing.*

    *HMVs/Load Carriers*
    Subject to fair weather and better road condition, *HMVs shall be allowed from Navyug Tunnel (Qazigund side) towards Jammu*  after the tail of up HMVs crosses Navyug Tunnel.  TCU Srinagar shall liaise with TCU Ramban before releasing the HMVs.

    *SFs Convoy Movement*
     Security Forces are advised/requested not to ply against advisory/traffic plan in view of traffic congestion on Jammu-Srinagar NHW. *They may ply from Srinagar towards Jammu* after confirming the status of NHW.

     No traffic movement shall be allowed on Mughal Road in view of snow accumulation

    *SSG ROAD*
     Subject to fair weather and good road condition , (after green signal from BEACON) only one way traffic *from Kargil towards Srinagar* shall be allowed on Srinagar-Sonamarg-Gumri road.  *LMVs followed by HMVs  will be released  from Minamarg at 0900 hrs. upto 1400 hrs .* No Vehicle shall be allowed after cut off timing.

    No traffic movement shall be allowed on Kishtwar-Sinthan Road in view of snow accumulation.

    People are advised to undertake journey on NHW-44 only after confirming status of the road from Traffic control units as under:-  
    •    Jammu (0191-2459048, 9419147732)
    •    Srinagar (0194-2450022, 2485396)
    •    Ramban (9419993745)    •     Udhampur (8491928625)
     •     PCR Kishtwar  (9906154100) for status of Sinthan Road

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