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    Verification of employees to obtain passport: Government removes 'ambiguity'


    Verification of employees to obtain passport:  Government removes 'ambiguity'

    Srinagar, Jan 5, : Government in order to remove ambiguity vis-à-vis Vigilance clearance that had been made mandatory for government employees in Jammu and Kashmir before issuing passport has issued a new order clarifying that clarifying that once the prior intimation  given by the government employee is duly acknowledged by the Controlling/Administrative Authority/Employer in favour of such employee it shall be presumed that the concerned department has obtained the prior vigilance status in respect of the intending applicant and the Passport issuing authority/verifying agencies (CID/Police) shall not separately insist for seeking vigilance clearance/status.
    Earlier, government in its order had had directed that an employee seeking a passport will have to secure a no-objection certificate (NOC ) from the concerned department on the basis of a vigilance report.

    "The passport to the citizens, including government employees, is issued on the basis of verification carried out by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID),’’ the order had said.
    In the fresh order issued by Principal Secretary to Government it has been said that instances have come into the notice of the Government that the Passport issuing authority as well as verifying agencies are also insisting for obtaining latest vigilance clearance in respect of the Government employees before initiating the verification process, which causes unnecessary delay and unwarranted inconvenience in issuance of Passport to the applicants.
     In order to avoid unnecessary delay and remove ambiguity in its earlier order, the government has asked verifying agencies not to insist on further verification once the prior intimation given by the applicant in is duly acknowledged by the Employer in favour of such employee. (KNT)

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